Thank you for visiting the 180 website. God has changed and is changing thousands of lives as a result of this ministry. We assist families and individuals struggling with life-controlling issues. We counsel, coach, teach, travel and speak, host worship events, write material, place individuals in programs all over the country, and provide assessments for individuals prior to treatment in order to give them the exact help they need from a provider that fits the condition.

180 Degrees Ministries has been a viable non-profit corporation since 2003. God has taken this organization through many strategic processes to teach us how to see and treat life controlling problems His way. We deal with root causes, not symptoms. As God heals our heart of root problems, negative symptoms naturally disappear as well. We can help you or a loved one who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, chemical addiction, sexual addiction, eating disorders, gambling, and a host of other life-controlling problems. Please, make the call TODAY!! 615.904.7180

BREAKING NEWS ... 180 Degrees Ministries has joined forces with Life On Target LLC. Go to http://thelottn.com to check out the new residential facility in Murfreesboro, TN

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