"I am reading a book right now called "Getting your life on Target" by Steve Austin. Wow! I hope you caught this part: "His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness". (2 Peter 1:3) If you have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life, you immediately were indwelt with the Holy Spirit, which in turn gives you everything you need to live a victorious life, and most importantly a godly life! Makes me want to SHOUT! Thank God, He has given us all we need to live a godly, joyful, and productive life for His glory!!!! You won't be disappointed I promise!"

"Target, wow what a revelation. Steve thank you for being obedient all these years. I'm still studying the book. Getting ready to get my sons involved. They will really get into this. Love you Brother."

"Other than the Holy Bible, this is the best book I have ever read."

"Reading Steve Austin's book. Can't put it down!!!"

"Love, love, love your book! Relevant to everyone, including me. ...thank you again for that divine connection! My life has always been about believing for "my addict", and I've rarely been able to see beyond that day of freedom for him. God gave me the faith to believe and intercede for sure; your book is a definite "fingerprint" for me to decide "what will MY life be about?"

"Enjoying my time in Panama Beach along with some much needed time with our creator. To get me started is this awesome book by Steve Austin, Getting Your Life On Target. Thank you Steve for giving to the Lord and in turn blessing others and changing lives. My life has forever been changed. Praising God everyday!!!"