Get Your Life On-Target

Anyone seeking counsel for any life-controlling issues needs an advocate in his/her corner. Whether you are seeking advice, treatment, or encouragement, we are that advocate and a resource for you. We offer a three-step process designed to begin the journey to freedom you desire.

Help For You

It Begins With An Assessment…

We have developed a 4 phase tool, a model built through personal experience, to determine if an individual is ready for treatment, how intense that treatment needs to be, and the length of the required treatment plan. Thus we can save your family thousands of dollars by helping you determine if your loved one is ready for long-term life change. The assessment offers a clear understanding of “where you (or they) really are” in terms of wanting or needing help.

Followed By A Recommendation…

Once a thorough assessment has been conducted, we offer a three-option recommendation. Our first option will always ensure the best possible chance of producing the results desired. If that option is out of the question, a second and/or third option can be offered.

And Ultimately, Placement…

Once a recommendation option has been decided upon, we then become your advocate as we locate the service group, facility, or program that best meets your needs. This is where our experience really works in your favor. We know what to ask, we know the “lingo”, and we have developed multiple relationships over the years that allow us to facilitate prompt service and personal care from partner organizations.

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